<![CDATA[Honoring our fallen - Updates]]>Thu, 14 Sep 2017 21:52:29 -0700Weebly<![CDATA[2017 Beneficiary / Registration Opening / Promo Cards]]>Thu, 01 Jun 2017 05:37:31 GMThttp://sanantonio110.com/updates/2017-beneficiary-registration-opening-promo-cardsWe are very excited to have chosen Association Of Memorial Stair Climbs as our chosen beneficiary for our 2017 San Antonio 110 9/11 Memorial Climb event.
Association Of Memorial Stair Climbs helps to build, support, and ensure the sustainability of memorial climbs across the country. They establish and maintain best-practices to ensure climbs are held with the honor and respect our fallen deserve and provide the support and tools needed for new climbs to not only be created but also for the sustainability of these climbs. It is thanks to this great organization that New York City was able to hold its first 9/11 Memorial Climb in 2014.
This is a great opportunity for us all to say thank you and give back to an organization who so readily gives so much to ensure our fallen heroes are, and will continue to be, remembered!

Registration will open promptly at 8am July 1st.

This year's promo cards will be making their rounds to stations. Keep an eye out!

<![CDATA[2017- Let's Roll!]]>Tue, 18 Apr 2017 04:56:20 GMThttp://sanantonio110.com/updates/2017-lets-rollOur 2017 committee is beginning this years work on our SA110.
​Any interest in joining our committee please email director@sanantonio110.com. We are still seeking, especially, a Sponsorship Director.

We are also still open for 2017 Beneficiary applications. Please visit our Beneficiary page for more info.

Registration will open July 1st! 

Be sure to follow us on FB at www.facebook.com/sanantonio110

Here's to another year of successful tribute to our fallen.

<![CDATA[2016 Photos!]]>Fri, 30 Sep 2016 00:53:11 GMThttp://sanantonio110.com/updates/2016-photosHey everyone!
Our official SA110 Photographer Dionicio Perez Photography has the site all ready with event day pics! Make sure you note there are TWO albums there!... A Color one AND a B&W!
You can download HI-Res photos and purchase from there. He also has his fb albums up... (And although some are the same, many are not! So check them all out! Thank you Dionicio!
B&W fb Album: https://www.facebook.com/dionicio.perez/media_set…
Color fb Album: https://www.facebook.com/dionicio.perez/media_set…
Albert Pedroza, the official SAFD photographer came out with his mad skills as well. Check out his captures on fb at:
Also, the awesome Whitney Ford Photography has some of her fb photos up so make sure you check out her beautiful work at:
and at:
And once again the well known PD and Fire supporter Frank San Miguel came out to capture for us. His fb album can be seen at:

Thank you to all the great photographers and videographers who attended and captured our 2016 tribute!

<![CDATA[Participant Info email]]>Fri, 09 Sep 2016 16:58:39 GMThttp://sanantonio110.com/updates/participant-info-email
Hello Everyone!
Below are important remniders and event info (some changes this year so make sure you take a few minutes and read through!)
We have added a top notch safety plan to our event so please arrive early to accommodate these procedures to enter grounds.
First, REGISTRATION IS CLOSED. No walk-ins on event day will be permitted. You must have registered to participate. No transfer of tickets allowed. If you need to cancel you may email registration@sanantonio110.com
(Here's the meanie part: Anyone attempting to sneak into event or stairwell without proper participant wristband will be removed and banned from the event.)
Tower Of The Americas is located at:
739 E. Cesar Chavez Blvd
San Antonio, TX 78205
Main parking lot is off Cesar Chavez and is limited and fills fast so plan to get there early! All other parking is fend-for-yourself. Please allot enough time to find parking and make it to check-in on time.
  • Check-in opens at 6am and closes at 720am. Late check-in is not allowed. No exceptions.
  • Any unclaimed trlibute tags at 720 will be handed to our registered climbers on the back-up list.
  • Photo ID is required for all participants to check in. Minors may check-in with parent/guardian. FF's and LEO's please bring proof of profession should you have it as random FF and LEO participants may be checked for validity (full issue gear may suffice).
  • You must check-in and have participant (or Guest, see below) wristband to enter the grounds

  • All guests must check-in at the Guest check-in tables. Photo ID required for all guests to check in. Minors may check in with their parent/guardian ID. Guests will receive a guest wristband to enter the grounds.
  • Guests must follow all the security rules listed below as well.
  • You must have a participant (or guest) check-in wristband to enter the grounds. Photo ID must be presented by all to receive their wristband. This includes minors. Minors may be accompanied by their parent/guardian for check-in.
  • Please limit bags or purses brought onto the grounds. Please limit beverages brought in as well. All bags and purses must be cleared and tagged by security upon entering the grounds. Please try to limit to just gear bags if possible. Please allot enough time for security check.
  • All volunteers, vendors, group-support, etc will need to check-in at the Security Check-in table.
  • All guests will have access to grounds and to the restrooms. Only participants are allowed in the stairwell and into tower.
  • If you see anything suspicious please notify a security (wearing tags) or committee member (red shirt) immediately.
  • Firearms may be carried by Law Enforcement or Military who are in FULL GOVT ISSUED UNIFORM ONLY. All firearms must be in secured position and secured in a duty-issued holster. Long rifles must be both secured/strapped to back side and magazine REMOVED.
  • No firearm may be handheld by participants or guests at any time during event.

  • Group Firefighter and Then entire First Responder participant photo at approximately 720am. Please be attired and ready (announcement will be made).
  • Opening ceremony begins at 745/800am. Silence and respect during all ceremonial proceedings.
  • Bell Tolls and climb begins at 846am. Please be prepared to climb at 835.
  • As always, elevators are ONLY reserved for Firefighters and first responders in full gear and/or those with a tribute tag. Firefighters in full gear carrying tribute tags get first priority. All other participants must use second stair location for decent unless pre-authorized (elderly, disabled, etc).
  • No photos/video are allowed inside stairwell until 3rd floor level.
  • Shirts will be for sale at the event for $20 donation and bracelets for $5. Items are first come-first serve and we anticipate to sell out once again so please get them early. Proceeds from this years event will benefit Rotary Firefighter's Home.
A couple more things of note:
  • This is NOT a race, nor competitive. "Racing" is not allowed nor will be tolerated. This is a memorial with moments of silence throughout the event. Please pause in your climb and on grounds during these times (bells will toll). Anyone caught racing will be dismissed from the climb.
  • All civilians must particpate in the civilian group. Firefighters carrying tribute tags must enter first for time to complete their tribute for their fallen. Spouses must climb in their appropriate category for first climb entrance. (Dont worry, many people become friends this way and climb each year together. You may meet up with your spouse/partner between climbs.)
  • Order of entrance will be Firefighters, Law Enforcement, EMS, Military, and then civilian.
  • Please be respectful of firefighters during their climb. This is a heartfelt endeavor for all first responders and firefighters most of all. Please be careful to not be overzealous in your interactions with first responders during their climbs. (A firefighter paused or sitting in their climb may not be in need of your assistance as much as they are having a personal moment in which should be respected.) Although show of support is appreciated we ask that you respect being a part of something so personal to these men and women and allow them their space during their climb. Understand that for those in gear sweating and tiredness is part of their tribute to their fallen brethren. Posted volunteers are positioned in stairwell should you think someone may need assistance.
  • We also ask that you please refrain from loud voices, singing, or disturbances during the climb.
  • Please stay for the closing ceremony for our honor bell proceedings for our fallen.
  • We also appreciate any assistance for "tear down". Please just find a committee shirt and ask how you can help!
We currently have over 500 first responders and over 50 different agencies attending our evemt.
Please feel free to bring your dept/agency patch for our patch boards. To see a current list of patches we have please follow the link and look at the Patch Board document.
Please attend our Afterparty!
SA110 is hosting the SA911, the best 9/11 brotherhood bash in San Antonio. Join us for music, beer, food, and brotherhood. 11am-5pm.
SA911 Brotherhood Brew Bash (Blood, Sweat, & Beers)
Held at Alamo Beer Company in their beer garden.
202 Lamar St, San Antonio, TX 78202
SA110 pint glasses will be for available with $1 off refills. Limited number available, first come first serve. Food trucks on site with up to 50% off for all firefighters.
Come drink a beer to celebrate our brotherhood and another successful ttribute to our fallen.
please visit and peruse our super-duper awesome website for information before contacting the committee these last few days.
Thank you for being a part of our SA110 family and for your tribute to our fallen. We will see you bright and early, okay, dark and early, Sunday morning.
Thank you,
San Antonio 110 9/11 Memorial Climb

<![CDATA[Registration re-opening - "Flash sale"]]>Thu, 01 Sep 2016 16:42:18 GMThttp://sanantonio110.com/updates/registration-re-opening-flash-saleAs many of you know, registration closed yesterday evening. We however did not sell out and have been getting many requests for registration.
We will be re-opening registration for a brief window of opportunity to sign up.
Registration will re-open starting Saturday at 12am (Friday/Saturday midnight). It will close in 48 hours, 12am monday (Sunday/Monday midnight) OR as soon as the remaining tickets are sold.
Please spread the word to those who may have missed registration.
We will NOT be allowing walk-in registrations on event day.
<![CDATA[Hotel discounts]]>Thu, 01 Sep 2016 16:13:39 GMThttp://sanantonio110.com/updates/hotel-discountsWe have two hotels which have offered discounts to our out of town first responders coming in for the SA110!

Hilton Palacio Del Rio (across from Hemisfair Park entrance)
Availability: Sept 10th-12th
Rate: $120/night
Reserve: Call (210) 222-1400    Group Code: SA911
*Reservation deadline is Sept 2nd

Staybridge Suites (Just across 37 - Sunset Station)
Availability: Sept 10th-12th
Rate: $112/night for Double/Double Suite
Reserve:    Click Here For Link  Group Code:  FRC
*Reservation deadline is Sept 6th
<![CDATA[UPDATES!]]>Tue, 16 Aug 2016 05:00:57 GMThttp://sanantonio110.com/updates/updates9575049Please note!:
Registration closes 8/31! If you havent yet, sign up soon!We are unsure yet whether we will allow any walk-in registrations this year! If we do it will be first come first serve for the remaining spots and late registration will be $35.

We have top notch security this year for top notch safety for all our attendees! ALL participants AND GUESTS will need their check-in bracelets to be able to enter the grounds! So make sure you sign up soon!

Hotel discount once again for Hilton Palacio Del Rio. $120/night. Call 210-222-1400 and use our group code SA911. Discount ends soon.

Looking for LEO and Military volunteers for our security team! Email volunteer@sanantonio110.com

Big Afterparty Bash being held this year at Alamo Beer Brewery! Once registered keep an eye out in your email for more details!

Fundraising is now open as well! Kudos and super cool points along with a shout out and special Thank You package once again for top fundraisers!

Keep up to date on www.facebook.com/sanantonio110.com

<![CDATA[Registration opens June 1st!]]>Thu, 26 May 2016 03:23:57 GMThttp://sanantonio110.com/updates/registration-opens-june-1stThat's right! To line up in sync with other climbs across the nation we will be opening registration a month earlier than normal! Midnight June 1st registration will open.

We also are pleased to announce our 2016 Beneficiary for remaining proceeds. We have chosen Rotary Firefighter's Home. We are honored to help out an organization that does so much for our brotherhood.
<![CDATA[2016 SA110 underway]]>Fri, 01 Apr 2016 15:42:12 GMThttp://sanantonio110.com/updates/2016-sa110-underwayYour SA110 committee is beginning its work for the 2016 event. We have chosen this year's beneficiary and will announce it soon! We have our first group meeting this weekend to discuss and confirm any major changes and such so be sure to check our site for updates and info or follow us on Facebook for more details soon to come!]]><![CDATA[SA110 2015! Once again, a success!]]>Sat, 17 Oct 2015 20:44:43 GMThttp://sanantonio110.com/updates/sa110-2015-once-again-a-success
Thank you to everyone who attended and supported the 2015 San Antonio 110 9/11 Memorial Climb. This year was once again a great success and repeatedly accounted by participants as our best year yet. We look forward to many years to come and every year creating an even better tribute for our fallen and for our brotherhood. The main reason we mark this success is the reason we do this at all: Once again all 343 of our fallen firefighters were paid tribute to and their name and photo carried in honor of them. In addition 70 fallen Law Enforcement and 9 EMS personnel were paid tribute to as well. We were again truly one brotherhood under one cause once again and paid a tribute worthy of respect for our fallen heroes. That is thanks to all of you who participated and supported this effort. May we never forget why we do this, why we sweat and remember and pay tribute, for those who gave their life on 9/11 in the dedication, courage, and integrity exemplified by these men and women of our profession. May we always remember these brothers and sisters who we know not as mere names and faces but by the bond of brotherhood and their sacrifice. May we never forget them. Thank you for being a part of this solemn memorial and for your tribute to our fallen of 9/11.

As one we succeed in a little but as one made of many we succeed in a lot. We find the truth of this each year we do this memorial event. It is humbling and awe-inspiring to be witness to what a force we have become in our dedication to this common goal and our desire and love of our brethren we pay tribute to. I am honored to be even a small part of that. We thank you all for your unwavering support and dedication to this cause and allowing us to facilitate this tribute for all of you, and most of all, for our fallen.

The San Antonio 110 9/11 Memorial Climb would like to once again thank everyone who supported it's efforts this year. It was such an amazing year of tribute. This year's SA110 had over 70 different agencies represented for this cause. Each and every one of you should be very proud of the great respect and tribute paid to our fallen, these heroes who exemplified the integrity and courage of our profession, these brothers and sisters we promised to never forget for it.

The SA110 is non-monetary-goal based event. Which means our only true goal and sole purpose is to provide our one cause, the tribute itself. This year, as the last two years, we once again received enough funds to pay our expenses, put our initial early budgeted funds into our account for next year's start up, and still have enough left over to donate to a chosen beneficiary. This is astounding! It was a touch-and-go year this year with donations but in the end we were able to do this thanks to everyone who donated and all of the awesome businesses and organizations who supported us. On October 14th we presented Texas Burn Survivor Society with a proceed check for $8,361.98! Thank you to everyone who helped make this happen for this great local organization.

Until next year, Thank you once again and stay safe,
Your San Antonio 110 9/11 Memorial Climb Committee